Caring on the Canal


During the holiday season, many of our Flaherty & Collins communities are engaged in activities and events to benefit our local areas. It is a proud tradition at F&C to give back, share and be proud partners in our communities.

In Indianapolis, Cosmopolitan on the Canal reached out to the St. Mary’s Child Center to adopt a family in need. St. Mary’s has a long history and mission of serving children whose families live in poverty. According to recent research, one in four Indiana children live in poverty.

Toys 2

Located just a few blocks from Cosmo, St. Mary’s made a perfect fit for residents to be able to stop in for a visit. Cosmo adopted five children from different families, ranging in age from 9 months to 17 years. Flyers were posted throughout the building and delivered to residents. With a goal of $100 per child, the residents of Cosmo went above and beyond, donating nearly a room full of gifts and personalizing items for the children adopted.


We are proud of our residents, not just at Cosmo, but throughout the Flaherty & Collins Properties portfolio, for sharing their kindness this season.

To learn more about the St. Mary’s Child Center, click here.