Transformation Tuesday: Clark’s Crossing

One of the newest affordable projects in the Flaherty & Collins Properties stable, Clark’s Crossing, is a historic rehab that truly defines “transformation” of a space. In March 2013, plans were announced to renovate the former Vincennes Community School Corporation Administrative building and Adams Coliseum, and to tear down the former Clark Middle School. After the demolition of Clark Middle School, the area would first become green space. The space would also be available for future development as needed.


Historic buildings can become energy efficient, you just need a team of experts who have the know-how to get it done, while keeping features that preserve the character of the building. Techniques such as weatherizing must be conducted carefully to achieve this objective.

Clark’s Crossing did just that.


If you dig history, check out this sign – dated 1926 – the Adams Coliseum needed a facelift (and more).


And now, Clark’s Crossing is an adaptive reuse of two vacant historic buildings for uses that benefit the community in a variety of aesthetically pleasing ways.  All of the services and amenities of downtown Vincennes are within close proximity and walking distance to the property. There is also easy access to all of the services and events that are offered in the Community Service Center located directly adjacent in the restored Adams Coliseum.











Learn more about Clark’s Crossing HERE.


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