How to Build Relationships with Your Residents

Build Relationships with Residents

Brownsburg Crossing Leasing Office

Today, one of our most important jobs as site staffs is to get to know our residents. Little things, like remembering a resident’s pet go a long way when renewals come around. While there’s always lots to do on-site – from planning resident events to fulfilling maintenance requests to making sure the pool is ready for summer – here at Flaherty & Collins Properties, we always encourage our site staffs to really take the extra minute to engage and build relationships with their residents.

Since we have a rockstar team of property management professionals, we reached out to them to see what advice they have about building relationships to help residents feel comfortable in their new home!

Tips from Our Team

Jenn Edwards and Gloria Worstell both live and work at Brownsburg Crossing. In their jobs as leasing consultants, it’s essential to be able to communicate all the great things the property and surrounding community has to offer a new resident. Since they both live at the property, they can provide the residents a perspective many other properties may not be able to offer. After all, who better to ask about the parking situation than another resident!

Another tip that our team shared was about getting to know new residents from the beginning of the leasing process. Phyllis Fields, Property Manager at Carriage House, says “During the lease signing, we really get to know the residents; asking questions, exchanging information about our community, learning their pet’s names, [and] finding out what their children like to do. Then we follow up [a few days later] to make sure everything is okay in their apartment.” This follow up is key – it reminds the residents that we’re available far beyond the lease signing, and that we were paying attention when we can ask how their pet or children are enjoying their new home.

Pam Hawk, Property Manager at The Landing, is always sure to share more about the community – things that they may not be privy to as a resident. She says “I tell them about the activities here and let them know that we are about to get ready for activities on the water front. I give them copies of all of this so that they will know when and where [the activities take place].” As much as we love showing new prospects around the property, residents are our top priority, and we want to make sure that when they transition from prospect to resident, they’re fully informed about all of the great perks we offer our residents.

Diane Rathburn, Property Manager at Romweber Flats, also emphasizes events with her residents. She encourages residents to become involved with the ongoing events – like Bingo night! – to help them meet new friends in the community. Diane said that after introducing one new resident to Bingo night “she’s a regular player and is getting to know the other residents.”

And last but certainly not least: remember that in relationships with residents, a little goes a long way! Even when a resident comes in to do something small, like pick up a package, you can take the opportunity to engage with them by asking how their day is going. These small actions are an easy way to ensure residents are happy in their homes, and that if they do have a problem, they seek out the site staff rather than venting online!

Share your Knowledge!

What tips do you have for creating relationships with residents? We’d love to hear them!