F&C Gives Thanks


While Flaherty & Collins Properties works hard throughout the year to support local, regional and national charitable causes, our efforts increase during the holidays, highlighted by Thanksgiving and our work with both the Mozel Sanders Foundation and Amber Woods on the Far East side. This year was no different, as we spent the early part of this week with both groups.

On Monday, Flaherty & Collins Properties donated over 1,000 goods and $6,500 (in conjunction with our friends at Vision Communities) to the Mozel Sanders Foundation.


In an event held at Westlake (which once again, raised the most goods to donate), F&C team members took part in a cookie contest. Awards were presented to:

  • Best Decorated Cookies: Melissa DeLong (Corporate)
  • Best Tasting Cookies: Julia Young (Corporate)
  • Most Creative Cookies: Stefani Williams (Dakota Ridge)






Derek Miller won the cookie eating contest, and in our blindfolded decorating contest, Demetria Page took on all challengers to best the competition.

We would like to thank all the properties who collected goods and donated to this wonderful cause, and of course, thank you to all our volunteers for coming out and supporting such a wonderful event. And special thanks to our judges – Stephanie Sanders, LaKeisha Jackson and Lynne Petersen!


Mozel Sanders Foundation reached their goal in raising $100,000 in their annual Thanksgiving Day campaign. Each year, the Mozel Sanders Foundation feeds approximately 40,000 in Central Indiana on Thanksgiving – in addition to distributing bags of goods and groceries each and every month to those in need. As Stephanie Sanders likes to say, “If everyone would feed one, every one would be fed.”

We could not agree more.

On Tuesday, F&C team members gathered in the Amber Woods to pass out grocery bags to those in the community in need of food and household items this holiday season.

“We’ve been doing this for so many years,” said Flaherty & Collins President Jerry Collins, “that everyone feels like family.”

From the Flaherty & Collins Properties family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!