AASI Golf Outing Filled With Games, Tribute to the Silver Screen

This week, the Apartment Association of Southern Indiana (AASI) held it’s annual golf outing – and Flaherty & Collins Properties helped sponsor the event. And we were ready near the clubhouse!


Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie night? At the AASI golf outing, F&C were the stars of the show with the ping-pong toss game! Turned around and upside down, visitors to our hole had a good time laughing and enjoying a great day at the links.


We’re excited for next year – and already planning our next theme! Special thanks to Jessica Coursey, Teri Hedemark and Jean Hamm for organizing!

AASI Golf Outing

The Flaherty & Collins Properties team took to Evansville, Indiana this week to participate in the AASI Golf Outing – but did a bit more than just participate!


Our hole sponsorship included a stellar “Caddyshack” theme. So we had that going for us, which is nice.


Aside from some rain (and the ever-meddling gophers), a good time was had by all!