Pets in Apartments

Pets are a huge commitment, especially when living in an apartment.  You have to consider how much space will be available for them, as well as space you will be able to utilize nearby, such as dog parks.  Also, make sure you check what your apartment can do for you and your pet to make sure it will be a good fit for the both of you.

(HINT: F&C has several properties with bark parks, pet washes and pet walks! Check ’em out!)

Here are a few extra things to consider before getting a pet that is kind of important to note prior to your purchase:

  • Do you have the time it takes?
  • Does this fit your desired lifestyle?
  • Do you have time to train your pet?
  • Can you commit?
  • Do you have the funds?

Pets are great companions, but make sure you are not making an impulse decision when buying one and really think it through! Also, know if your apartment community has breed restrictions.

Speaking of breeds – you can take an assessment and find out what kind of breed best suits you! Good luck!