Spice up your home with houseplants!

Having plants in and around your home screams “SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE”. They can add many colors and good vibes to any home if you use them correctly.

However, if you are anything like my mother, you cannot keep a plant alive for the life of you. To help avoid the misfortune of a dead plant, here is a short video of stylish house plants that are nearly impossible to kill if you put in the slightest effort:


7 Ways to Maximize Storage Space

Let’s face it, throughout your lifetime you tend to acquire more things than you can keep track of. From the old high school t-shirts to furniture that you just can’t do without, you have an enormous amount of junk that you can’t seem to part with. For those of you who can’t get yourself to ditch your precious junk…we have 7 ways you can maximize your oh so little storage space so you never have to part with that t-shirt from your first U2 concert back in 1996.

1. Ditch the stuff you no longer use

You can donate, sell at a consignment shop, or have a yard sale. Even only getting rid of a few things makes all the difference. You’ll probably find things you didn’t even know you had! This frees up space and someone else gets to find a use for it.

2. Start using storage containers.
You can anything from the most inexpensive and unattractive plastic bin to the highest quality storage container you can find. Make sure to label boxes for an organized chaos.

3. Think vertically

Try to build up rather than out to save floor space for your other belongings.

4. Double your hanging potential

Add another layer in your closest to double your hanging potential. Most of your clothes are short enough to only need half the height anyways!
5. Utilize your closest door

The closest door is an excellent way to hang shoes and get them organized and off the floor. You can also use it to organize jewelry!
6. Fold your clothes properly

You will be shocked how much space opens when your clothes aren’t shoved into drawers, but rather placed nice and neatly.
7. Consider storage units.

If all else fails, you can turn to storage units. This is not the most cost effective method, but one nonetheless that can help you free up space in your house.

These are just a few tips and tricks that can be used to help free up some space in your home so you can fill it with even more stuff! Just remember, organization is key!

10 Not-So-Boring Housewarming Gifts

Everyone struggles to find that perfect housewarming gift to give, especially this time of year. A toaster or blender is too unoriginal, but at the same time you want to get your pal something they’ll actually use. Instead of getting something that will sit in the attic until they re-gift it to the next unlucky soul, here are some not-so-boring ideas to get the new homeowner in your life.

1. Personalized Cutting Board

You can engrave their last name, monogram, or even a cute message such as “Eat, Drink, and Be Happy”.
2. Shower Speaker

Singing in the shower is scientifically proven to make your life more fun…what better gift?

3. Cocktail Shaker Set

Who has guest over and doesn’t offer them a drink? You can even personalize them.
4. Wine Essentials Gift Set

Your favorite wine enthusiast will love this, and they come in all different patterns and colors!
5. Spaghetti Measure and Trivet

Being new homeowners, they’ll probably want to stick to easy meals like spaghetti while they’re still settling in. Make it even easier with this super convenient tool.
6. Bottle Loft

These magnetic bottle holders are extremely convenient when it comes to saving space in the fridge. They’re a totally underrated necessity.
7. Tool Gift Basket

This is for all the little things that people do not always think about, but will definitely need at some point in their apartment or home journey. You could even wrap all the tools in a bucket to complete the look.
8. Barnwood State Side Table

A piece of home that can travel with them wherever they may go. (And it goes with almost any room.)
9. Bottle Cap State Art

While we’re on the state trend, this is another great gift idea. They’re an easy DIY craft, which means personal and inexpensive!
10. Witty Welcome Mat

They make these with sayings for all personalities. A funny and cute idea that will set this home apart from the rest.

These are just a few ideas for your new homeowner that will keep you from buying the cliché kitchen appliance. Just remember, keep it useful and tasteful!

6 Moving Hacks

Moving to a new apartment can be a struggle. Not only do you have to consider what items you’re willing to move with you and what should be donated or trashed, but you also have to consider how to organize things in your new place to avoid the inevitable stuff-still-in-boxes problem.

To avoid the struggle of “where did that go!”, we love these moving hacks from Buzzfeed:

Who knew that you could use what you have around to help you with proper storage?! Let us know your personal moving hacks in the comments!

Spring Is Upon Us


Well, that went fairly well.

After fearing snowstorms and ice and cold and faces that hurt from the wind, here we are in late March and we came out relatively unscathed.

That’s right, Spring has sprung – and after a mild winter no less. So with the change of seasons, it’s a good time to take a look at your beautiful abode and perhaps do a little cleaning.

Here’s a handy guide – 10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment that we recommendQuick preview: it’s not all about cleaning. Decluttering is a big component of feeling like you have more space.

And to help get you through this process, we simply remind you of pools.




Pools are coming.


And all things associated with basking in the warmth of the sun near a pool.

You’re welcome. Now enjoy your week and get your apartment in order!