Save Energy and Money with these smart HVAC tips!

Think about gravity

  • Since heat rises, the top floor of your house is almost guaranteed to be the hottest. To help get the hot air out and cool your house faster you can turn on ceiling fans or standing fans.  Utilize your fans since this is an inexpensive way to help keep your home cold.

Keep the heat out

  • Keep your blinds closed to help block out the rays and this will help you keep your rooms cooler. The opposite goes for the winter months when you want to keep the blinds open to help heat your home.


  • Make sure you seal drafty doors and windows to help you lower cost even more all while keeping you cool.

Update your equipment

  • The newer HVAC equipment runs much more efficient and will help cut down on cost as well, but this could also be an expensive initial investment that you have to consider.

Clean those vents

  • Make sure you make it a point to check and clean the vents. Dust can easily build up and block airflow so you want to try and avoid that for cleaner, more consistent air circulation.


  • Filters should be replaced every month due to them easily getting clogged and dirty. If filters are not replaced in a timely manner, it can obstruct airflow and can lead to health problems.

These are just a few things you can do to help cut cost all while keeping a comfortable temperature in your house!

Tips on keeping your home organized

Organizing your home can become overwhelming when you do not have a game plan going into it. With dirty dishes in the kitchen, clothes in the laundry and shoes scattered throughout your home, you can see how easily this can become overwhelming. To in with a plan and tackle the mess head on!

The Kitchen
a. Clear your counters of items that can be stored in cabinets
b. Use labels in your cabinets
c. Deep clean your fridge and freezer and throw out all the expired foods then organize what is remaining

a. Don’t be afraid to part with ole reliable
b. Keep your shoes in order
c. Keep your pairs together

a. Keep spring, summer, fall, and winter close separate
b. Ditch what you haven’t worn all year
c. Fold your clothes efficiently to keep your dresser in order

These are a few simple things you can do to help organize your home and make the process seem a little more achievable. Now, go get organized!

Spice up your home with houseplants!

Having plants in and around your home screams “SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE”. They can add many colors and good vibes to any home if you use them correctly.

However, if you are anything like my mother, you cannot keep a plant alive for the life of you. To help avoid the misfortune of a dead plant, here is a short video of stylish house plants that are nearly impossible to kill if you put in the slightest effort:

Introducing Pet Week

Around the Flaherty & Collins offices, we really enjoy getting to know our residents – including the furry ones!

We’re proud to be a management company that welcomes both cats and dogs* into our communities, so that our residents always feel comfortable and happy in their homes. As we’ve seen more and more pets coming home, we’ve had a great time trying out the latest pet amenities and talking to residents about how we can improve our property to help pets feel at home, too.

Along the way, we’ve also discovered that there are some key factors that help our residents keep their pets happy in their apartment homes. Today, we’re sharing a few of those tips with all of you to help kick off pet week!

Check out pet amenities before you move in!
While we love welcoming new residents home as quickly as possible, we want you (and your pets!) to have a great experience at our community. One way to make sure that your pets will be happy is to make sure there’s enough space for your pets in your home, and that your pets meet the community standards (like being up to date on shots and being spayed or neutered). These simple steps will save a lot of time later, when you’re wondering how you and your pup are going to live peacefully in the apartment home you chose… if only you had chosen that two bedroom, instead!

At some of our communities, we offer additional pet amenities like walking trails, a Bark Park, a pet wash station, and pet clean up stations. If these are offered, make sure you stop by and check them out! They may help you decide which apartment home you like best as well; easy access to the pet wash after a muddy walk is always great.
10707191_384646635016692_176833183_nIntroduce your pet.
It may sound silly, but keep in mind that you aren’t the only resident in your apartment – and as such, you aren’t the only neighbor, either! While your neighbors may not be dog (or cat) people, it’s nice to introduce your pet to your neighbors. Not only will it help them feel a bit more comfortable with a pet living next door, but it also could come in handy if your pet accidentally got out of the apartment one day and someone else recognized them. Best case, you may make a new friend in your neighbor!

1971351_805848879437746_660870119_nFit in time to give attention to your pets.
If you have a dog, this likely means finding time to take the dog out to walk, play, and use the restroom. If you have a cat, they may enjoy spending time alone, but they’ll likely want your attention too! Schedule a few minutes in each day where you can spend time with your pet and give them the attention they need to stay happy, even if that’s just a few minutes to give them a treat!

Learn how to remove pet hair.
Even the cleanest of pets will have a little bit of shedding (and in the worst case, LOTS of shedding!). To help maintain cleanliness in your household, it’s great to know how to get pet hair off everything from the couch to the counters. We’ve found this guide from Apartment Therapy to be very helpful; and it covers all the surfaces you can think of, even down to the pets themselves.

This week, we’ll be sharing more tips and tricks on our social media channels, and we’ll be running a cutest pet contest! If you think you’ve got the cutest pet in your community, be sure to stop by our Facebook page to leave a photo. We’ll be sharing our favorites and using them to go along with our tips for Pet Week.

*Of course, not every property is able to accept pets. Please call the property that you are interested in calling home to ask for more information on their pet policy.