Tips on keeping your home organized

Organizing your home can become overwhelming when you do not have a game plan going into it. With dirty dishes in the kitchen, clothes in the laundry and shoes scattered throughout your home, you can see how easily this can become overwhelming. To in with a plan and tackle the mess head on!

The Kitchen
a. Clear your counters of items that can be stored in cabinets
b. Use labels in your cabinets
c. Deep clean your fridge and freezer and throw out all the expired foods then organize what is remaining

a. Don’t be afraid to part with ole reliable
b. Keep your shoes in order
c. Keep your pairs together

a. Keep spring, summer, fall, and winter close separate
b. Ditch what you haven’t worn all year
c. Fold your clothes efficiently to keep your dresser in order

These are a few simple things you can do to help organize your home and make the process seem a little more achievable. Now, go get organized!